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Working with Hola Latino was a gratifying and unique experience. Unlike most internships, the staff at KPI is more like an extended family. On a typical day I could find myself working with software data during the morning, and by lunch I was being tutored on how to make an authentic Latin American dish! Hernan Prado and Vivan Mora, President and Vice President of KPI, have created a wonderful company that serves the needs of local Latin Americans. I am very grateful for the experience, as everyday provided new opportunities to practice Spanish, learn about Latin American culture, and give back to my community in a profound manner.

Whitney López

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Hello my name is Lara. I am from Madrid, Spain and I have had the great opportunity to do my internship with Hola Latino. Working there was so comfortable and the friendly communication made me feel as if was at home in my own country.

They are very productive. I was assisting with the edition of HOLA Latino magazine enthusiastically. Hernán Prado has been very patient and very devoted to teaching me a lot of tricks when writing or using Photoshop … I learned a lot.

It has been an experience I learned in a great environment without anxiety and restrictions. I recommend this company 100% as a great place to do your Internship, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you all for the summer while I was working with Hola Latino, in turn it has been enjoyable and fun.

Many regards from Spain,

Lara Cadahia

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