Hernán Prado, General Manager

Hernán Prado

Hernán Prado is the Chief Operations Officer of HOLA Latino, a company in Alabama assisting public and private agencies to design, produce, and distribute strategies to market, inform, and educate the new Hispanic immigrant community. He started the first education radio show in Spanish call Hola Alabama! in June 16, 2002, and the first bilingual TV show call Hola Amigos! in November 17, 2002.

Mr. Prado worked for six years at the University of Alabama Program for Rural Services and Research as the Hispanic Programs Coordinator. He developed the PACERS ESL Program at Collinsville High School and coordinated the formation of the Collinsville Hispanic Health and Education Corporation, the first Hispanic non-profit organization in Alabama. Mr. Prado coordinated the creation of the Alabama Latin American Association (ALAS) and is currently its president and CEO. Also, he was the grantee and principal investigator for Project Mi Futuro, an educational approach to encourage Hispanic adolescents to graduate from High School and to attend College funded by NASA.

Mr. Prado has presented papers at different annual conferences in relation to his research about ESL methodologies in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Florida and at the TESOL International conference in British Columbia. He has made presentations at various classes at the School of Education, Latin American Studies, and Social Work at different universities in the State of Alabama and in other states. Mr. Prado has prepared a cultural sensitivity workshop called: “Knowing my Hispanic Neighbor” presented to different government agencies, and private institutions throughout the state. Internationally, Mr. Prado has presented in Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador and Mexico.

Mr. Prado serves on the boards of the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA), The Civil Rights Institute, and the Boy Scouts of America Hispanic District Committee. He also serves at the Hispanic Business Council at BBA. He received the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Birmingham Unit “Public Citizen of the Year” Award and the Alabama Chapter NASW “Public Citizen of the Year” Award in 2003.

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