Most frequently asked questions about marketing to Hispanics/Latinos.

  1. Why should I advertise to this new market?
    Hispanics are now the largest minority in the nation! The Census projects that Hispanics will account for almost two-thirds of the total growth for 2020-2050.
  2. Most Hispanics are from low-income level, will they buy my products and services?
    Hispanics purchasing power is growing three times faster than the overall national rate, and by 2010 is expected to grow to $1 trillion annually from 715 billion today.
  3. Is it also true for Alabama?
    Alabama’s historically White and African American population has experienced a 441% Hispanic increase over the last decade according to the Census, representing over 100,000 new residents.
  4. Do the 2000 Census numbers reflect the state’s reality?
    Community based organizations, school enrollment, and health department records show that the Census numbers were underestimated and that there are over 100.000 Hispanics in the Metro Birmingham Area alone.1
  5. Are my future Hispanic clients here to stay? Researchers and experts affirm the Hispanic market is booming and will continue to grow. According to research, Metro Birmingham is the 6th fastest growing Hispanic destination in the country, and Hispanic businesses were ranked as the second fastest growing among the 13 benchmark metro areas in the nation.2
  6. Are advertisers in the U.S. targeting these customers?
    U.S. advertisers spent an estimated $3.09 billion in 2004 targeting Hispanics – an 11% increase from the previous year. Television and radio are the largest categories.
  7. Do I need to use specialized media or advertisement is Spanish?
    U.S. Hispanic ad agencies spent 88 percent of billings on Spanish language advertisements. Spanish content is more important than ever.

1 Research by Brookings Institution.
2 Surveys of Pew Hispanic Research Center and the Minority Owned Business Enterprises, SOMBE.

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